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Properties and Uses of Plastics as a Construction Material

Properties of Plastics as a Construction Material. 1. Appearance of Plastics. In the market there are so many types of models of plastics are available such as transparent colored etc. suitable ... 2. Chemical Resistance of Plastics. 3. Dimensional Stability. 4. Ductility of Plastics. 5. Durability ... 【Get Price】


Plastics are nothing but synthetic organic high polymers. It is important to know the general outstanding properties of plastics to make best use of this an engineering material. It should also be noted that each plastic material has its own peculiar properties to suit the various uses. 【Get Price】

Plastic Material Properties Table Mechanical Physical ...

Use our interactive properties table below to explore by property group sort or compare two or more plastic materials. Also you may want to use our Plastic Material Selection Guide or Interactive Thermoplastics Triangle to assist with the material selection process based on your appli ion requirements. 【Get Price】

The 5 Most Common Plastics and Their Everyday Uses

The 5 Most Common Plastics and Their Everyday Uses. 1: Polyethylene Terephthalate PET 2: High Density Polyethylene HDPE 3: Polyvinyl Chloride PVC 4: Low Density Polyethylene LDPE 5: Polypropylene PP 【Get Price】

The Eleven Most Important Types of Plastic

The Eleven Most Important Types of Plastic. 1. Polyethylene terephthalate PETE or PET : PET is the most widely produced plastic in the world. It is used predominantly as a fiber known by the ... 2. Polyethylene PE : 3. Polyvinyl Chloride PVC : 4. Polypropylene PP : 5. Polystyrene PS : 【Get Price】

The Many Uses of Plastics - ThoughtCo

The versatility of plastic materials comes from the ability to mold laminate or shape them and to tailor them physically and chemically. There is a plastic suitable for almost any appli ion. Plastics don& 39;t corrode though they can degrade in UV a component of sunlight and can be affected by solvents. 【Get Price】

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